Putting spotlight on the fantastic four mega trends of 2020

STYLE Bangkok October 2019, a merger of three gigantic trade fairs, namely the Bangkok International Fashion Fair and Bangkok International Leather Fair (BIFF&BIL), the Bangkok International Gift Fair and Bangkok International Houseware Fair (BIG+BIH), and the Thailand International Furniture Fair (TIFF), takes place during 17-21 October 2019 at the Bangkok International Trade & Exhibition Centre (BITEC), Bangna brings together the widest array of lifestyle products for all. Apart from latest collections, STYLE Bangkok October also features a series of seminars to help boost potential of the lifestyle industry.
     At the seminar entitled “Future Trend 2020”, Kriya Bilyala, Trend Analyzer and global trend analysis project manager of the Creative Economy Agency (Public Organization) said the main task of the organization is to collect information from agencies then analyze and filter them to have it up-to-date with global context. Then it would be transformed and distributed accordingly to consumers demands.
     As for 2020, it is a boundless time where all differences unite as one. 2020 represents our suffering society in many aspects where it still a glimpse of hope and a new day as we are advancing into the 21st century. It is the time to rebuild the social base to make constructive and drastic changes – changes of nationalities, changes of races and religions. Secondary changes are the disruption of technology where 5G and the ethical use of AI shall not be misled. Furthermore, some minor changes that should not be overlooked, i.e. human emotion and feeling. All can be observed through the four mega trends of 2020.
 1. Population trend. Consumers in the modern world spend money on what they believe and what they have experienced so called thoughtful lifestyle. Brands should take in to account social responsibility and influence on consumers behavioral changes. Where marketing strategies are implied design and creativity, it’s escalating more collaboration between involved parties, transparency, and identities of brands became users’ identities.
2. Social & Culture trend. 2020 will mark a local activism or social movement for those who stand up for inequality. Consumers will strike for their beliefs and values. Therefore, a social and cultural trend of 2020 is the power of equality driving all the way up from local communities.
3. Technology trend. From the Workforce of the Future report by PricewaterhouseCoopers shown the four key factors behind the Talentism, a new Capitalism. Talentism features skill on technology and innovation will be replaced by AI expanding to mobile commercial and help boost online sales. AI helps to effectively target customers at the appropriate time and place, it could design an analytical application to evaluate customers information. It helps customize products that customers really want. More ethical regulations on technology and digital has been applied in global scale making AI more transparency and righteous.
4. Environment trend. Where sustainability of environment is an inseparable component in every industry. Eco-friendly trend makes a significant and sustainable change. It could also be adopted to all supply chains, reduce the cost of production by exploiting less resources from electric to water. In a country like the UK, we see tax reduction on fashion products with sustainability concept. Many brands and shops are now producing eco-friendly products and it will definitely help change the world as a whole.
 Therefore, in this ever-changing time, finished products are being utilized by consumers and placed in the trash separately and can be recycled and used in creating new products. Consumers buy less and invest more to enhance products lifecycle. From the past, we use and throw things away and buy new ones. Now we use, and we recreate from the old. This is truly a time where material is gold. You see new material like innovative self-fixed cement concrete or biodegradable plastic are more popular in the market.
​  2020 trends take us to where consumption is the beginning and the end environment. Knowledge and trends are up for grab at STYLE Bangkok October 2019. Discover more in the next edition of STYLE Bangkok 2020. For more information, visit www.stylebangkokfair.com or dial DITP Call Center 1169.